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Xiao Nu

7 minutes single channel video on loop


A video by Ching Ching Cheng

Cinematographer: Aakash Raj

Collaborator: Fiona Chang and Li Zeng

the book of space

chapter 1: xiao nu* **




the space between heaven and hell

the space between yin and yang

the space between a foundation and a façade 

the space between heart and brain

the space between judgment and compliment

the space between exotic and authentic

the space between sexuality and taboo

the space between libido and hunger

the space between the illusion of freedom and being controlled

by whom

the space between natural women and ideal women

the space between life and a play

for whom 



s is half of infinite

s is a squirmy line, which is finding its balance on its own

s is half of two circles, one sits on top of the other facing opposite way

s is the line separating yin and yang, femininity and masculinity

s is an elegant curve, which women wish to have, or maybe which men want women to have



pacing unwillingly through historical time collapsing the time that has not yet happened on unrecognized land through what is lost in translation 


*according to google translation, xiao nu translates to “little slave”

**mother told me to be a xiao nu, “a good daughter”

Still images. Still courtesy of the artist.

Installation shoots at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. Photo credit: Gal Amiram

The Rise of the Care Machine Part II exhibition Installation shoots at Juniin Gallery in Ecuador. Photo credit: Juniin Gallery

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