Exploring identities psychologically in different ethnicity backgrounds, cultures, genders, and environment conditions is my multidisciplinary practice through drawings, paintings, sculptures, installation, photography and video work. Human beings naturally change and adapt their living into different environments. When people migrate, they bring their cultures and identities with them. Sometimes the culture and identity that they bring with them changes and adapts to that new environment, and it changes to a modified new culture or a subculture, and a distinct identity. Adapting, resisting, transforming, and accepting are stages of in between. What we once were and what we have become is a cognitive representation of one’s own identity. I always put myself in the situation to make the subject matter more personal to me, and my work gives an intimate and personal account of my own exper­iences, while open and encourage the viewers for further discussions about the connections and bridges of global society. 

© 2020 by Ching Ching Cheng

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