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Space is the product of relations and is always in the process of becoming. How I perceive my own identity is bound to the space I have created. As an artist I am interested in the relationship between identity and space. More specifically how the physical environment is juxtaposed with gender, culture, society, economics and politics.  


Adapting, resisting, transforming, and accepting are the nature of what I call the “in-between” stages. This progression between stages has become an important focus of my work. The psychological transition of rethinking and revaluing global politics and economics from becoming a United State citizen after living in America for sixteen years. Not only being a daughter, but at the same time also being a mother in America where I call home now allows me navigating my roles in between generational relationships through storytelling. 


What we once were and what we have become is a cognitive representation of our identities. We need to look back into our history, culture and tradition in order to move forward. With this in mind I encourage the viewers of my work to further discuss the identity within their space and how their own identities change or adapt to the space they live in.

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